SK reflection

Some photos and writing from southern Saskatchewan. Click on the image below to visit an online pdf.


The forsaken of southern Saskatchewan

Fort Walsh

Southern Saskatchewan tour F ascinating place in south western Saskatchewan, tucked in a valley in the lush Cypress Hills. This is where a maverick cop – James Walsh – built a fort in 1875, controlled the whiskey trade, patrolled the border with the US and...


Southern Saskatchewan tour Swift Current is the pass-through town of the sea of grass called the prairies. Far enough from Winnipeg and Calgary, it’s a destination only as a stopping point. No one wants to visit the town, they only want the Tim’s, the...


Southern Saskatchewan tour A forgotten land.   Abandoned long ago to weeds, scrub and bugs. The early settlers who gave up their westward push in this area put roots into ground hard enough to crush their dreams and their seed. And this hard scrabble place cowering...