The alchemist’s workshop

The long-sought philosopher’s stone is located in the south eastern corner of Winnipeg. Here the dreams and ambitions of countless get-rich-quick artists over the centuries have come true. Here is what revenue-strapped monarchs and governments dreamed of for...

Buck to loon

See my newest package of words and photos in the December edition of Canadian Geographic O n June 30, 1987, when 100 million new one-dollar coins were circulated across the country, Canadians didn’t know what to make of the 11-sided piece of gold-coloured currency....


The forsaken of southern Saskatchewan

Dispatch: desert fire

The Wadi Rum desert in Jordan – a good place to talk with a 10-year-old about life, dreams, dragons and why our guide had two wives while I only had one.  

Beauty shot

… yet another pin-up of old stones I realize this is verging on ruin porn but the Acropolis is stunning at night and since I leave Athens tomorrow for Thessaloniki, this is my final chance to swoon over this remarkable sight as seen from the rooftop of my...