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Welcome to syndkt – an innovative syndicate supplying original, independent, quality content to newspapers across the country. It is content on demand. Find out more and join today – it costs nothing to join and there’s no obligation.


Once you sign up, every Sunday we’ll send you an email with a half dozen or so editorial items, all of which will be live for at least 10 days, accommodating anyone’s publishing schedule.

Each item will be topical, top quality Canadian content like feature articles, service and opinion pieces, cartoons, photographs, special interest round-ups and more. You can quickly preview the content in the email and for more information click on an item and you’ll be directed to this website for a better look.

If your readers would be interested in any of the editorial items, you can buy right away. There’s no hassle to getting the content – no credit checks, no invoicing, no account set-up. Using a credit card or a PayPal account means production-ready material will download immediately into your computer. You can then edit it to your requirements and publish it in your newspaper.

syndkt editorial is designed for Canadian community newspapers. It is not offered to dailies. It is written for a Canadian readership and most items are geographically neutral.

Publishers, editors and/or managing editors of Canadian community newspapers are welcome to sign up for the weekly email.

Each editorial item is priced individually and varies according to amount of work (investigative pieces), writer profile (material from well-known people), rarity, uniqueness and so on. The majority of items cost between $5 and $25.
Signing up means you get a weekly email detailing what’s on offer. If any editorial item is something that works in your pages you add it to a shopping cart and once you are finished reviewing this week’s content you head to the check-out.

With a credit card or PayPal account you can buy the content right away with no hassles like credit checks, invoicing or account set-up.

Once your payment clears your digital download starts immediately.

All written material is in txt format, all images are high res jpgs and illustrations/graphics are jpgs and eps (with transparent backgrounds). Material will include creator bios and mugs, should you wish to use them.

Once the content you have purchased has downloaded it’s ready for your page layout workflow.

Purchase of any editorial item(s) gives you one-time publication rights in one title, regardless of circulation.

There isn’t one. When you sign up for our weekly email, we won’t spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you don’t want any of the editorial on a given week, no worries, simply delete the email. If you want any of the content, it’s top quality, Canadian, independent, edited material. You get it right away in a format you can use.

The terms and conditions are short:

  • Don’t sell or give the content to anyone else – it’s only licensed to your newspaper for one-time publication (if your title is a part of a chain and you want to discuss volume pricing, give us a call)
  • The expectation is that you’ll only be editing for length but if you are cutting/changing more substantively do not alter the sense or intent of the article
  • You do not need to credit Dispatches or syndkt but you do need to leave the byline untouched
  • By purchasing the content you agree to these conditions and you understand that there is no refund once a purchase has been made.