It is achingly obvious that media-types and self-anointed thought leaders in Toronto hate their mayor Rob Ford. They can’t believe their fellow city-residents elected him in 2010. And so they are determined to hound the guy to death with thousands of ceaseless accusations and pin-pricks that might make him fade away (or explode like a burst balloon) as soon as possible.

The trouble for the rest of Canada is that we simply don’t care about the embarrassment of Toronto media-types, the angst among the GTAs blue hairs nor the latest stumble of his worship. Toronto is just one city in this country and most of us don’t live there. Yet we are tormented with endless news of the manufactured and self-inflicted mayor’s woes.

If you are planning a night of the long knives would you please get on with it. And shut-up. Doesn’t everyone know that dispatching a leader is best done in the back rooms with little publicity?