Remote Interviews 101

I am delighted you will be joining me for a remote recorded interview. Here is some helpful information before we talk.

About Dispatches

This is a trade name for journalism produced by Bramwell Ryan. I have been freelancing for many years. I am a generalist pursing stories that are of interest to me. My work is independent and thorough. I strive for balance. I also work cross-platform thus interviews may be used for accuracy in a print quote or they may end up in a radio or video piece.

Selected samples of my work are on the home page of this website and here is a short biography.


In my work I strive to present material in a friendly, engaged and lively manner. I believe learning best happens when there’s a conversational tone, with energy and a warm connection between speaker and listener. So, unless we are dealing with heavy and dark topics, there’s no need for earnest seriousness or a sombre tone during our chat. I invite you to be winsome, revelatory, open and enthusiastic. I am a big fan of curiosity, thoughtfulness and even laughter.

I’m also fond of grace and am grateful there are second chances. Obviously I extend that to all interviewees and want to assure you that unless our recording is live-to-air (very rare) you can always take another run at a reply or statement if you feel you would rather present things differently. I edit all interviews and will include the right ’take’ in selected clips.


For our remote recording I will send you a Zencastr link in a booking email. Zencastr is a way for us to get clear audio and video without being in the same room. The key with this kind of interview is to have a set of headphones with a mic (the standard issue Apple headphones – or something similar – are perfect) plugged in to your computer. Ensure you are using a computer with an on-board camera. When the time we’ve arranged to chat arrives, on a desktop or laptop (sorry, no mobile phone option exists) simply click on the link in the booking email, enter your name in the correct spot and then talk like it’s a regular telephone call.

Zencastr only works on Brave, Chrome or Microsoft Edge (all three browsers are free, downloadable for Mac or PC). The interview link should be opened in one of these options.

A few more things:

  • prior to the interview can you please quit your email program (newly arrived email often makes a sound which will be picked up on the recording)
  • kindly mute your phone
  • avoid wearing anything with checks or stripes
  • please ensure there is good light on your face and don’t sit in front of a window

I look forward to our conversation.

Contact me if you need to change something or if you have questions.