This blog post is brought to you by… [add your name here]. By skillfully including seemingly oblique and unintended references to your brand, it’s attributes and key messages, we can embed [your story] and your commercial directives under the psychic skin of media consumers.

The receptivity of mainstream media to allowing [covertly sponsored] messages in what used to be called straight [editorial] is growing. The advertising downturn, the net-wide abundance of free content and the ever-increasing costs of creating first generation, independent [media] means that publishers, producers and senior management in all major media are breaching the old – and restrictive – walls between [editorial] and advertising.

Even established niche media are embracing the trend to freight [news] and information with agendas that serve those who proffer cheques. As the publisher of a small, national newspaper recently wrote: “The bigger challenge is to source information from pr people and [run it] with a fee.…”.

And if you have that fee, we have the [venue]. Even more exciting is that we can use [social media] to ease [your messaging] into [relationship] networks so that your subtle directives arrive unflagged and under-the-radar of the usual [advertising] resistance.

Since “[truth]” is a social and cultural construct, we are taking the [bold step] of auctioning it to the highest bidder. [Shape the future] and buy now.

Brought to you by Pilate, the prophet of our age who believes truth is malleable… so let’s profit.

The first in a Dispatches series on old ideas
like media impartiality and independence