… figuring out how to get home


ell, I’ve joined the horde of the stranded wandering Europe looking for some way to get across the Atlantic. I had thought I was one of the fortunate few – those who had a confirmed reservation for the day when the flight window opened again. Although Germany and Italy opened last night, they closed again this morning. And with that closing went my hopes of getting home any time soon. Losing that confirmed seat means joining the volcano refugees, those scheduled to fly at some point… as yet unknown.

Rather than stay in Trieste and a soulless hotel waiting for a forgotten regional connecting flight to Munich, I’m on the move. I’m writing this in Milan and tonight I will be in Switzerland in the hope that tomorrow Zurich airport might have seats on Air Canada flights. If not, Paris, Geneva, Munich and Frankfurt are all within easy train distance.

Although, I must admit, this is fun… there’s an allure in rootlessness and the nomad in me is very happy.