My Kickstarter campaign to find Eti has only raised about 10% of the needed budget and the project closed last night. That means I will not be heading off to complete this documentary any time soon.

I am deeply grateful for the financial support shown by many of you. Your pledges represent far more than money. They mean trust in my abilities and a shared belief that by telling stories – even hard ones – we can change the world, bit by bit. Thank you for your confidence and willingness to risk and sacrifice by backing this project.

And for those who supported the project in other ways I also thank you. Although we sometimes live our lives as if cash really matters, we all know that it dwells far down on the list of things we value most like encouragement, passion, friendship and confidence. Many of you offered these most precious gifts and for them I am equally grateful.

Know that I’ll keep looking for a way meet Eti again, wherever she is. It’s something I have to do.