Solutions journalism is a shift in how media covers the world. It focuses on what the news misses most often: how people are trying to solve problems and what we can learn from their successes or failures.

Dispatches endeavours to take this approach to story selection and treatment. It’s not endless ‘good news’ but it is an often missing recognition that there are some glimmers of hope and light amidst the regular programming of doom and gloom.

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Hollow eyes. In an impossibly remote village in Nicaragua an 18-year-old widower was explaining how his pregnant wife was swept to her death when Hurricane Mitch parked its fury overhead. His hurt literally stole his voice away.

Dead eyes. Together with her mother we watched the last breaths of her four-year-old daughter in the decrepit Nazran hospital. The terrible burns caused by rocket fire on their home in Chechnya might not have killed the child, but the one week wait at the border to scrape up enough bribe money for the Russian guards to let them through to medical help was what closed the curtain…





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This is a depository of reporting by Bramwell Ryan. Much of it also appears elsewhere – magazines, newspapers, online – but this is where it is gathered.

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Dispatches is about chasing interesting stories and sharing them – regardless of medium – in ways that delight and inform, provoke and challenge.

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