fight night in Tampa

I have no evidence to produce on behalf of this latest theory of mine, but here goes anyway. I think every kid in this town spends time after school in martial arts classes. Karate and Kung Fu studios (for children) are nearly as widespread as restaurants and churches. Seriously. Every small strip mall has one of these places.

Why is it so popular a pastime? How do they all survive financially? Do Latin-American and African-American kids in Tampa all know how to kick like Bruce Lee, chop like Jet Li and punch like Chuck Norris? I’m generally out on the streets during the day when the kids are all at school, so I haven’t actually seen any youth kicking or do-joing. But there are so many places to do these activities that when the last bell comes at the close of day, I’m almost positive the school buses drop them right at the front doors.

I have seen one gym so far in my ramblings and a dozen martial arts studios for children. That’s a telling ratio. Why bother with all the self-defence training anyway, when they can just as easily by a hand gun, which reminds me of a scene from one of the early Indiana Jones movies…