Life’s short – get a divorce

Another of the ubiquities of life in the U.S. are large roadside billboards advertising legal services. These dot the roads and highways in every American city I have been to. We don’t have this in Canada, we don’t do this. America really is litigation nation. These signs all blaze with pithy slogans or one word questions like, “Injured?” or “Arrested?”. They are all roughly the same design in that they feature a picture of the lawyer or lawyers staring fiercely at all passersby. The lawyer(s) are always dressed in suits as if posing for a new season of Boston Legal and their faces are always set in a rictus of determined pugnacity.

I spotted one billboard featuring a large African-American lawyer who looked as if he had put his suit on just for that particular photo. I think his nose had been broken at one time, though probably before law school, I’m thinking.

The photo, like the man, was huge and slightly out of focus. I can imagine his wife taking it with an old point-and-shoot back in the day before digital imagery was made available to the masses. His slogan was: THEY HIT YOU – YOU CALL ME – I SUE THEM.

Simple, effective and with a certain predatory logic. Reminds me of the old fundamentalist mantra: GOD SAID IT – I BELIEVE IT – THAT SETTLES IT. And there’s plenty of that unwavering religiousity in Tampa too, but that’s a topic for another day.