… putting it all together


ne of the reasons for going to Mount Athos is to get story material for various media outlets. In the past that meant getting enough detail and colour to write a good print piece. Then it meant taking good photos to go with the copy. Now, in addition to writing the story and supplying pix, new delivery channels also means shooting compelling video, gathering top-quality sound and editing it all into a media pack.

This is the first time I’ve shot assignment video with my D-SLR (I left the big Canon at home) and to my eyes it looks a little choppy (although there’s an immediacy with that hand-held look). If I rely on this kind of videocam in future, I’ll bring along a tripod.

Here’s the first draft of the first of those Athos packs, a spotlight on Nea Skiti, where I spent two nights… and especially Father Nikon who lives there. I know it needs more work but I only have a few more hours on Corfu and want to get out before it gets too dark. Thoughts/feedback? Let me know…

Music from The Gates of Eden, recorded at the Koutloumousiou monastery
(where I stayed my first night on Mount Athos).