I can fly…


met someone on Monday to take their photo for a story I’m writing. We were downtown beside The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre. During our conversation after the shoot, one of the people I was with pointed to a window high up on the side of the Army’s building.

“I wonder why that window has bars,” he mused.
“Dunno,” I replied. “But there is a mental health crisis unit in the building and perhaps the bars are to stop jumpers.”

Yesterday I met Larry, a guy in a wheelchair who sells poems to augment his disability cheque. I’ll be doing a story on Larry but our initial meeting was to gather background info.

“So, how did you end up in a wheelchair?” I asked.
“On March 2, 2004 I jumped out of a 6th floor window at The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre,” he replied.

Hmmmm…. barring anything unexpected, Larry’s story will be done soon.