The latest reporting offence comes from BBC… that venerable institution of quality journalism. If it is as riven with trendy causes and zeitgeist journalism as CBC it is hard to tell from a distance but generally it seems to value quality and accuracy rather than official opposition status.

Which is why the CBC-ism I heard in a report on the upcoming Olympic games in London is so jarring. The reporter intoned that it is x days until the games begin but not “everyone is happy” with what it took to make this a reality. Remember this is a news reporter telling us that “not everyone is happy”. BBC (and CBC, which does this continually) the fact that “not everyone is happy” about any issue/event/development/law/Olympic event is not news. In fact, if everyone was happy, that would be the news hook.

Try to find another way to bridge a weak story angle into streeter interviews with malcontents.