Bramwell Ryan

Bram is a Canadian journalist, writer, award-winning photographer and author. An honours graduate in broadcast journalism and past editor of four magazines, publisher of a national newspaper, founder of several communication and media companies and a successful freelancer.

Career highlights include having written more than 4,000 articles, coverage of many international disasters and travel to 60 countries. Bram is a multi-platform content pioneer and today specializes in all-media assignments.

His adventures include…

  • Paid eight bribes on an eleven hour car trip in Russia
  • Tripped over a skull in a Haitian cemetery
  • Stuck for three weeks in the most top secret military base in North America where smoking was only allowed inside the buildings
  • Chased cattle rustlers on the Swiss-French border
  • Smuggled into Chechnya when journalists were forbidden
  • Trapped in a canoe with a non-paddling photographer while being chased by a bull moose
  • Watched 24 people get death sentences from The Salvation Army in rural Zambia
  • Bypassed government internet control in Tunisia to get email
  • Underwear stolen in Trieste
  • Danced at a gypsy celebration of a corrupt judge in Turkey
  • Proved an $11,000 camera can bounce on a Mozambique runway
  • In the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, explained to a 10-year-old the merits of having two wives
  • Helped wrestle a thrashing caribou into a rubber boat in northern Quebec

Bram believes there will always be a role for those who research, report, sift, link, aggregate and edit and that role is filled by journalists. That is key to the ethos of Dispatches.

There is a love-hate relationship with social media around here. Bram’s Facebook pages and Twitter account are on sabbatical but there is periodic activity on Instagram.

Currently based in Toronto, Canada.