Random observations from a summer weekend in Kelowna

A holiday town where so many visit and bare so much:

  • It’s a city of big boats and small dogs. Both are everywhere vying with the young male drunks, roaring their mufflers and lungs, to attract attention from the busty women on the promenade.
  • So many acres of bosom covered by so many fewer acres of fabric; I’d be rich if I had the bikini monopoly in town.
  • Youth is not the prerequisite to wearing a bikini and age is not necessarily a reason to avoid them.
  • The beaches are empty at supper time and on a warm, sunny summer weekend the marina stays mostly full of boats.
  • It seems no muscle boat is complete without at least two young things, barely contained by thongs and cups.
  • There should be a municipal bylaw banning bad dye jobs.
  • Can’t we put pictures of socks and sandals together onto signs with red circles and a line?
  • Because the medium so impacts the message, perhaps we should find a new name for body art.