… a vision on a hill

Arrived in Athens this afternoon – tired but happy to be back. Some of the polish of the 2004 Olympics – after which was the last time I was here – has faded but the city still boasts the style and pulse of a Paris without the prickliness.

Over it all shines the Acropolis (at the top of the photos below – click on a picture to view detail). Greece, where the contours of freedom first started to take shape, is now in deep bondage to today’s slayer of individuals and nations – debt. Yet around the streets of the Plaka – a lively central neighbourhood in Athens – flashes of the Acropolis peek between shops and down alleys. Surprising views of this memorial to what is best in us hover high overhead, turning up unexpectedly, not unlike our dreams and aspirations – things far away and far above yet nonetheless glimpses of what could be.

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