Boho by the Horn

Profile of the coolest neighbourhoods in Istanbul

Rough Waters

Danger on Inle Lake in Myanmar (Burma)

Hear the Silence

A short wilderness feature


From the 2nd Chechen war for Maclean’s

On inky Turkish seas for the Vancouver Sun

Chasing the largest caribou herd for Equinox

Life changing surgery for Homemaker’s

Running with the pack for Canadian Living

Saving Ridley for the Globe and Mail


In the Brothel

Assignment: A story on trafficking and child prostitution.
Challenge: Find a way to create an association between the exotic and troubled world of a south Asian brothel in Jessore, Bangladesh and viewers/readers back home.
Solution: Produce a photo essay of one young girl getting ready for the day… fixing hair, make-up, teeth. Something we all do every morning.

On The Money

When Canadian Geographic wanted to cover the 25th anniversary of the nation’s iconic loonie the magazine turned to Dispatches for words and pictures.

Dispatches is….

Dispatches is a Canadian media production company. As a sub-brand of Areopagus we create independent, all-media journalism. Our sister brand – Lyyf Studio – produces sponsored and client-driven material.

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