Rough Waters | shot, scripted and edited by Bramwell Ryan following a visit to Inle Lake in Myanmar (Burma)

Whiteshell by Snowshoe | a recently created short, shot and edited by Bramwell Ryan. This is a pilot which will lead to a more comprehensive package on snowshoeing in Manitoba

Kids belong in school, not brothels | a concept video shot and edited by Bramwell Ryan in Bangladesh; it was branded Micah Challenge but never went anywhere; has garnered more than 300,000 views (in two locations)

Hear the Silence | a video captured and cut by Bramwell Ryan for the 2016 Reel Paddling Film Festival


Much of my early audio work - for CBC Radio and others - has been lost; tape should be digitized before it crumbles! Here are some more recent examples of audio packs. One of them is a video voiceover which is being separately mastered and will eventually become a standalone audio piece after the video is complete.  Also see the podcast I created and maintained for many years, which now features 165+ audio items.


I have written thousands of articles for dozens of publications and websites. My work has been featured in Time, the Independent (UK), Canadian Geographic, Winnipeg Free Press, Toronto Star and many others. Here are selected samples.


From the 2nd Chechen war for Maclean's


A life changing operation for Homemaker's


On inky Turkish seas for the Vancouver Sun


Running with the pack for Canadian Living


World's largest caribou herd for Equinox

Avoiding extinction for the Globe and Mail


I have been shooting for decades, everything from product to fashion, stock to advertising. These days my focus is on storytelling. My shooting style is photojournalistic, more concerned with capturing the essence of what is happening than with perfect lighting or staging.

Of my tens of thousands of images and hundreds of assignments I’ve selected three galleries for presentation.

The first was shot in Jessore, Bangladesh. I was there doing stories on trafficking and child prostitution and spent time in one of the brothels in the area. Trying to find a way to create an association between the exotic and troubled world of a south Asian brothel and viewers/readers back home I decided to produce a photo essay of one young girl getting ready for the day: hair, make-up, teeth. It’s what we all do every morning. The difference for Eti is that once she’s ready, she sells herself to men for pennies.

  • Before starting work Mrs Susmita (a Christian) prays for the young prostitutes among whom she works.
  • Eti, 13, gets ready for a day at the brothel in Jessore, Bangladesh
  • Eti was sold into the trade by her family, who were destitute.
  • The debts she owes to her madam (for her purchase) and the brothel owner compound far faster than anything she can earn.
  • Trying to find a point of connection, I shot Eti getting ready for the day.
  • $1.30/visit - 15-20 men a day
  • Eti is now 19 and living under a different name with her own child.
  • Eti was one of 260 prostitutes under the age of 16 working in five brothels along the same street in Jessore.
  • Because Eti has never crossed an international border, she is not considered a trafficked woman.

Mount Athos is the Christian Tibet, a place that time forgot. This finger of land in north eastern Greece is the other side of the wardrobe Lucy used to enter Narnia. Except here, no one named Lucy is allowed. For 1,000 years the Holy Mountain’s old growth forests and fairy tale castles have been for men only.

Visitors can spend a lifetime in the woods, castles and monasteries but back in the other world it only counts as moments or days. It is a timeless land that draws the wounded and lost and offers us peace and a glimpse of a different reality.

Read more about my visit to Agios Oros.

  • Father Nikon paints an icon at Nea Skiti; there is a five year waiting list to purchase one of his works.
  • Twilight in the courtyard of Megistis Lavras, the oldest monastery on Mount Athos built in 970.
  • Stones worn smooth in the entrance to Megistis Lavras by more than a millennium of pilgrims coming to pray.
  • The wooden mallet that hammers everyone awake at 2:45 am in the Koutloumousiou monastery.
  • Karyes, the main (and only) town on Mount Athos
  • Father Nikon readies for prayers at Nea Skiti
  • Nea Skiti, a small monastic community on the west coast of Mount Athos.
  • A dome over a house church on Mount Athos.
  • Worship at Nea Skiti includes all pilgrims, even those who are not Orthodox.
  • Grigoriou monastery on the west coast of Mount Athos
  • Father Nikon taught himself to speak English using children's language primers.
  • Two monasteries along the west coast of the Mount Athos peninsula


When our dollar coin turned 25 years old Canadian Geographic called with a print and photo assignment: go the alchemists' workshop and find out how the Royal Canadian Mint turns base metal into the stuff of dreams. Read more about Canada’s gold standard.

  • Robert-Ralph Carmchiael, designer of the loonie, at his home near Echo Bay, Ontario
  • Dies (stamps) for the loonie are always cleaned carefully prior to use.
  • Lots of loonies; after coining loonies are transported in heavy metal bins from the coining machines to the roll and wrap machines.
  • Loonies are randomly inspected during the coining process.
  • Roll and wrap machines where coins are packaged in clear plastic sleeves and then boxed.
  • The alchemy of the mint - turning dross into gold.


Continuous variety and change is a hallmark of the internet. But that is not such a good thing when wishing to present samples of work. I have created, launched, maintained and overhauled dozens of websites. Some examples include:

  • rubicon_cropped

    saint benedict’s table - the website for the saint ben’s Anglican church congregation in Winnipeg. I produced and launched two versions (including a podcast and store) and am now working on a third (due to launch soon).
  • Areopagus - one of my own sites
  • Dispatches - this site is designed and maintained by me
  • theRubicon - an international online magazine I launched in 2006. It ran for five years and included a podcast, daily articles with contributors from four continents and a readership from more than 30 countries. It went through two designs. The screen shot of the home page (to the right) is from WayBack Machine and is somewhat incomplete (but it’s all that remains - the site does not exist any more).

Other websites include those for Westgate Mennonite Collegiate (previous iteration), the Council for Democracy in Burma, the Post Growth project and others.

I have created iBooks for Apple tablets. These are much more than pdfs. They feature text, image galleries, interactive elements, video, audio and transitive design. Since I currently have no books on the ITS for download or viewing, below are some pages from a recent iBook put together as a radio show concept pitch.

Due to the cross-brand limitations of iBooks I am now more interested in creating all-platform Snippets rather than Apple-only tablet volumes.


birdsong-logo_web500My work has been featured in several books including a parenting series published and sold worldwide by Canadian Living. I have also had work in text books and anthologies.

Additionally I have created print books, acting as editor and designer. One of the most substantial projects was Beautiful Mercy | A Book of Hours. I handled the project from inception to publication and coordinated the 40+ contributors.

I have a good working knowledge of Motion, the program for creating video animation. Most of my projects have been title and URL animations. A more ambitious project was the recent creation of a motion graphic tag and URL presentation for a New York client (there is no sound on the video).


ISJC video tag - final from Areopagus on Vimeo.

Bramwell Ryan’s resumé is available online as an issuu publication (click on the image to the right) or as a downloadable pdf.